Why Website Security Is Important

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It may alarm you to learn that cybercrime is projected to cost the world over 10 trillion USD annually by 2025. A large portion of this value stems from the data hackers steal from businesses.

There’s no shortage of cybercriminals looking to exploit weak points in business websites. That’s one of the many reasons why website security is so important.

Below, we’ll explore this concept in detail. Let’s dive in.

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Protect Customer Data

Your company’s success relies on how much your customers trust you. If they’re skeptical of how you manage their data, they’ll choose a competitor instead. They might also tell others about their experience, which could harm your company’s reputation.

This is especially true for businesses that collect data like Social Security numbers and bank account info. Companies in industries like healthcare, tech, and finance are goldmines for hackers.

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Prevent Loss of Sales

Some hackers make it their goal to disrupt businesses as much as possible. They often use distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks to achieve this. These can make websites impossible to access.

This situation is annoying enough on its own, but it comes with much greater consequences. Every minute of downtime your company experiences prevents you from making sales.

If customers can’t access your website, they might visit a competitor’s site. In this situation, they’ll be unlikely to return to your brand in the future.

The good news is that using the right website security software will defend against cybercriminals. Hackers often look for companies with the fewest number of defences. So, they’ll be more likely to avoid targeting your business.

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Avoid Major Expenses

Unfortunately, the average data breach costs businesses nearly $6 million. Many companies don’t have the finances to deal with this situation.

Companies that have the money will still experience serious setbacks. Even minor website attacks could drain your company’s finances.

Having the right safeguards in place will prevent costly expenses in the future. Consider the money you spend on this technology as an investment. Although it costs a bit upfront, you’ll see an exponential ROI.

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Safeguard Intellectual Property

Many companies overlook the importance of protecting intellectual property. This type of data includes ideas, methodologies, and designs. These often serve as the foundation for an entire brand.

If hackers compromise this data, they could threaten to expose it to the public. Even worse, they might sell it to a competitor for profit. Situations like these can sometimes be impossible to recover from.

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Competitive Leverage

It’s important to note that your competitors are likely doing everything they can to protect their site. This includes hiring professional services and using contemporary software.

If you don’t follow suit, you won’t remain competitive in your industry. However, you can surpass your competition by using comprehensive website security.

When you turn your site into an impenetrable fortress, hackers are more likely to target your competitors. While it’s never good when a company’s site gets hacked, you can rest assured it won’t be yours.

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Avoid Website Blacklisting

Google has a blacklist of websites that they deem suspicious or harmful. You may have seen a message that says “This site may harm your computer” on Google’s search results. Websites on Google’s Blacklist lose access to almost all of their traffic.

If hackers compromise your website, Google’s algorithm may detect that it isn’t safe for web users. A common situation could involve a criminal injecting malicious code into your site. They could also package harmful applications with the downloads you offer.

In this case, you’ll need to clean up your site before Google will add it back to its search results index. This process involves skills that many entrepreneurs don’t have.

Some situations even involve malware that’s difficult to detect. It’s never recommended to try and fix things on your own.

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Peace of Mind

There’s something to be said about the peace of mind a secure website brings. You won’t have to worry about site disruptions or dealing with extortion. In fact, you won’t have to worry about much of anything at all.

When your site is properly safeguarded, its security software will identify and eliminate threats. This often occurs before you even realize they exist.

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Hackers Are Getting Smarter

As the years go on, hackers develop new techniques and tools to access your valuable data. To make matters worse, innovation tends to happen at an exponential pace.

So, criminals can develop better malicious software in less time. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that your current security protocol is sufficient.

Chances are criminals have already created a foolproof way to sneak past your defences. The only thing worse than having your data compromised is not realizing it until weeks or months later.

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Getting Started

The best way to improve your company’s website security is by hiring professional website security services.

They have the tools and resources required to start you on the right track. When looking for someone to work with, research their past reputation.

What have others had to say about their results and experiences? Prioritize companies that have large amounts of positive feedback. You should also check if they’ve worked with companies like yours in the past.

The better they understand your business, the easier it will be for them to meet your needs. Ask about their pricing structure before you make your decision. The last thing you want is to deal with financial surprises.

At NuStorm, we strive to exceed all of our clients’ expectations. We provide basic web security by default, and we offer additional protection plans for added peace of mind.

Hackers won’t rest until they get their hands on your sensitive data. Protect yourself with a secured website before problems arise.

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Are You Doing Enough to Protect Your Website?

Entrepreneurs have dozens of responsibilities to manage, but they should never overlook website security. Protecting your website will keep both your data and reputation safe. Just be sure to find the right service provider.

Ready to get started? Speak with a representative at NuStorm today. Our professional team can assess your needs and connect you with the best solutions.