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Monthly plans

Why pay a large sum upfront only to pay hourly rates for updates and search engine optimization? A website and SEO are not one-time things — they need to stay current. We offer monthly packages that cover all your needs with no hidden fees.

Your questions answered

Why do we need HTTPS?
Google has encouraged security for a while now and is giving an increasing amount of weight in ranking boosts to websites that use HTTPS. (Nuff said. You had us at Google.)
Why do we need Google My Business?
Online marketing is important. For many, this means setting up a few social media accounts and a website. But if you really want to reach your customers, you've got to be where they are: Google. Not only is it the new yellow pages but you become easier to find — and it's free advertising!
What's Local SEO?
We focus primarily on local search. This includes optimization for up to 2 key terms, Google My Business optimization and ongoing local citations building.
What's Search SEO?
We increase visibility, boost traffic and grow your business by optimizing for up to 5 key terms, doing website modifications and adjustments. We'll even send you monthly search rankings and performance reports to show you it's working.
Why do we need a fast and optimized website?
Website speed has an impact on Google Search rankings. This is why we set up page caching, cache preloading, file compression and images on request. It's all about speed. Badass speed!
Why do we need a secure website?
Getting your website hacked is one of the worst things that can happen to a business in the modern world. We provide the best protection available for your website. Our protection techniques prevents you from getting hacked, period!
What's a Chatbot? How can we use it?
Chatbots proactively start communicating with your site visitors and guide them to the right products, services, offers or more information. They can also schedule a call back if that's what your site visitor want! Now THAT'S how you close the sale!
What is Domain Reputation and why should we care?
Did you know that your domain carries a reputation? It’s true. Domain reputation is becoming a more and more important part of how mailbox providers decide whether or not YOUR email lands in your customer's spam folder, or inbox.
Can you help with website content?
Yes, of course! We love writing for the web. We typically charge a $750 flat rate for SEO-friendly content for a website and $200 per blog post. Answer a few questions about your business and we'll take care of the rest. It's that simple.
Can you help with responsive HTML emails?
We code bulletproof cross-platform email templates and test them on different devices and email systems. (We know you only want good surprises when it comes to your email marketing needs!) We deliver final files in 48 hours, guaranteed.

A few words from our clients

"They were the only company that made me feel very confident and comfortable within the first meeting. I knew they understood what we wanted and could produce what we envisioned. It's been a terrific experience working with them. I have never had to ask twice for answers, and when delivered, they always make perfect sense!"
Andrew McPhedran
Marathon Drilling Co. Ltd.
"We're as low-tech as you can get, so it was a relief when they shielded us from all the technical details and just made sure we were building a site that looked incredible. Hands-on throughout the process, they never once made us feel like we were competing for their attention. Yep, they're the best!"
Kevin Hurtubise
Orleans Festivals
"Setting up our website was painless, and they responded in a timely manner to any questions we had. They were helpful in training us to update and maintain the site as much as we could ourselves. We loved working with them. The finished product is far better than I could have imagined!"
Hubie Splinter
Graebeck Construction Ltd.
"We couldn't be more pleased with the new website. It is current, attractive, and super easy to navigate. Since we maintain and edit our own website, ease of use on the back-end was important as well. With the training provided and their responsiveness when we need a hand, it's been really good!"
Daniel Francoeur
Bodé Spa

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